Sitting tight for a decision on whether small groups will continue to be allowed to keep their health plans

As of April 21 2014, we know that NC small group businesses who have a group health plan with BCBS of NC or United Health Care are being allowed to renew the plan as is under the pre-PPACA rating model, even if the plan is non compliant with PPACA requirements. The client can purchase a PPACA compliant plan if it is more beneficial and less costly. Because our actual client experience is showing us that 85% or more of small group clients are paying dramatically higher premiums under PPACA and are typically being mapped to a plan with a higher out of pocket maximum this is good news. We have heard that Coventry is trying to allow clients the ability to retain their current plan for renewals 8/1/2014 and after. Since January 1, 2014 all small groups with Coventry have been required to move to a PPACA compliant plan. We are hoping that BCBS of NC and United Health Care will be able to extend the “as is” renewal timeline past October 2014 into 2015 and after. We have been informed they are both working on this but are not able to provide definite direction yet.

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