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It’s No Secret: Big Companies Have More Clout.
Small businesses and mid-sized companies don’t carry as much weight… unless they work with EB Advisors.  We specialize in this market – that is why we attract so many customers.

The volume of business from the insurance companies we represent equals the buying power of any big business.

EB Advisors Levels The Playing Field.
We work with more than 80 insurance companies across the nation with access to products sold through traditional agents and brokers.  In addition, EB Advisors offers a wide array of exclusive, proprietary products.

What Does This Mean For You?
Preferred pricing. Underwriting flexibility. Enhanced benefit levels on product lines with key carriers.  While regulatory restrictions limit rate concessions for most businesses on health insurance premiums, EB Advisors has access to more options to help you select a plan that fits your budget and meets your employee contribution guidelines.  Our Employee Benefit Specialist provides creative solutions, such as high deductible health plans, health savings accounts and tax advantage options, to provide further savings.

We also partner with several private exchanges to navigate the client into a defined contribution plan if desired.

We have access to the best disability, life and long term care products available in the marketplace.

White Block copyDue to our long history of strong relationships with highly regarded insurance companies,   our products create value for employees and your business, while also improving efficiency and cost.

EB Advisors Offers A Full Range Of Supplemental Benefits.
From dental, life, disability, long-term care, accident, to critical illness and cancer policies; we can design plans for a small business with pricing comparable to what big corporations pay.  You can subsidize this coverage, or employees can choose to purchase these desirable, affordable options at their own expense.  It all creates value for you and your employees.