EB-Advisors’ Competitive Advantages

1.  We make the complicated simple. We understand the differences between the carriers and their contracts so the client doesn’t have to.

2.  We ask questions about the client’s situation and listen to understand the issues and frustrations around these concerns.  We probe further to get clarity and agreement about the concerns.  Then we use our toolbox of solutions to determine the best solutions.

3.  We embrace new tools and quickly become an expert in the new tools we obtain.  Examples include HDHP/HSA plans.  More than 50% of our clients offer these accounts. Another example is HRA’s (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) to lower the cost of the insurance and a private exchange product for groups over 50 employees. We are students of our business and we stay current.

4.  We determine what you need to make your company as attractive to Smart-Business-Partners2employees
as possible which includes things beyond benefits.  This may be compliance, communication,
enrollment, plan design, etc.

5.  We excel at problem solving.  We hire smart people and we dig for the answers.  Our business philosophy is one of integrity, doing the right thing and following through on our commitments. Every team member has an outstanding work ethic.  This characteristic is a focus in our hiring decisions.

6.  We work proactively with the client so they can have as much time as possible
to make the decisions required for next year’s programs.  We request the client census prior to receiving the renewals so we can get a “head start”.   We share the renewal immediately upon receipt from the carrier.  When we share the renewal, it is just the beginning of the recommendations process but we want the client to have the information as quickly as we have it. Our goal is to have the analysis, presentations, recommendations and client decision completed no later than 30 days prior to the renewal date.

7.  We provide proactive ideas to our employer clients on how to implement a successful Wellness Program internally that will result in higher levels of “presenteeism”. We believe a healthy workforce is a competitive advantage for a company in the marketplace.