Employee Benefits communications are crucial to success and employee understanding.

Suzy K Johnson

CEBS, RHU, President and Owner at Employee Benefit Advisors of the Carolinas,LLC

As Employee Benefit Advisors, we can’t fulfill our mission of ensuring the health and financial security of our client’s plan beneficiaries if the employees don’t know what their benefits include or how to use them. Even with a good education campaign it is difficult to assure the message is clearly understood.

Here is a checklist of “dos” for your next employee benefit communication campaign:

1) Keep your message free of jargon. Make your message clear, concise and easily understood.

2) Highlight how the participants benefit from what you provide them.

3) Make the message fun and engaging! A clever graphic or fun campaign theme can help catch their attention and inspire action.

4) Use reminders. Once is not enough. Plan a communication timeline for your message so you can repeat key points and offer helpful reminders. Out of sight out of mind!

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